Animatic & Storyboards

Animatic created from the Storyboards, needs speeding up a little and updating with the edits from the script.

Scene 1: This scene is in the meeting room, the detective points to a location on the map as to suggest their target it there.

edit: this scene is being taken out as it isn’t too important.

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Scene 2: This is the chase scene where the Detective chases the Psycho down the Alleyway.

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Scene 3: The Psycho Runs into the road, there’s a lorry approaching the Psycho. The detective reaches out to the Psycho as to try to convince them out of it. But it’s useless.

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Scene 4: This is the lorry approaching the Psycho and hitting him.

edit: I’m going to add a small thing in the right side of the screen of the detective being knocked over, it’s only going to be little as to not take away any of the attention from the main point and that is the Psycho about to be hit,

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Scene 5: This is the Detective waking up in the hospital revealing that he has the psycho within him.

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Edit: I’ve changed the ending for this, shown below

Instead of going straight to the hospital it shows the Psycho’s gravestone, making everyone think that he is dead. Then it goes to the Detective who is sat in the hospital bed reading the newspaper, there’s a closeup of his face as he looks shocked/horrified, it then shows the article ‘Cheshire Killer strikes again’ ending after zooming into the picture of the Psych.

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Unused storyboards:

These are from the beginning f the script before I decided to focus on the chase scene further. This could work to another animation in the series.

Young Lewis walks down the stairs and sees that the Psycho has killed his parent.

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Added some basic shading:

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These are the final designs for the backgrounds.

I had to make sure I matched the buildings that you see in the Alley to the buildings that you see on the motorway as much as close as I could to ensure that you could tell that it’s happening in the same area.

The Psycho runs from this Alley out onto the main road.


This is where the lorry drives towards and hits the Psycho.


I added a rough sketch for a size comparison.motorway base

When the lorry hits the Psycho he dies on impact and it goes straight to this scene zooming out from the smile.

Grave shading

Works in Progress:

Hospital Room: I have the bases I just need to finalize and get it int perspective.

hospital room

Another angle for the Alley for when the Detective reaches for the Psycho. Upon looking at it, I need to make the alley wider.



Detective Character

The Detective had a name change due to the feedback received from the people in my class.

The Characters name was Derek and now is called Lewis.

I started designing the child versions of the characters before I decided to focus from the chase scene to the ending.

character expression sheet kid.png

using the old character sheet I redrew the minor changes in the character. As this is set before his husband’s death, he is happier and takes time to style his hair and his colour is brighter. His eyes are wider and he doesn’t have bags under them. Lewis is also slimmer in this animation, he is also a smoker but he doesn’t smoke very much, so it’s rare to see him with a cigarette in this part of his life.



Comparing to the previous animation designs, The character is darker, seems tired and unhappy. I was going for this effect as he is suffering with depression at the loss of his Husband. He also smokes more as a result.

Lewis Older.pngLewis old.png